Enchanted Princess
Day 1 – Boarding

The night before the cruise we received an email saying the ship was being delaying into port and not to get to the port earlier than 1:00PM. Susan was happy as she would get to sleep in.

The later than planned, drive down to Fort Lauderdale was uneventful, dropped off our bags with the super nice porter Big Mike, parked and walked up to the terminal.

There was a fair line waiting to get in and people were still getting off the ship, but it really kept moving and was not too bad.

The Princess Medallion ship check in is super easy. After security you simply walkup, scan your medallion, have your passport/Vaccination/Covid test checked and you are done. Walked straight onto the ship by about 1:45.

Walked up to our room, R304 and dropped off our carry on bags. Then we had to do the safety/muster. This consists of watching a video in our room and then going to our muster station, Station B in the casino, and scanning our medallion. Could not be easier.

We then tried to get a reservation in the Sanctuary which is a paid section of the deck with reserved loungers and some other amenities, but we were too late. Next time perhaps.

Then we were off for lunch, turns out we missed the main dinning rooms lunch hours and the pizza place had a 35 minute wait. Buffet it was. Not too bad at all.

Next was to find a place for a drink and to decompress from the drive. We went to Bellinis and had a couple cocktails and a beer and watch the sail away that had been moved inside due to some rain.

Turns out there are a little over 2,500 passengers and total capacity is about 3,600. Should be low crowds.

Back to the room and luggage was here so some unpacking and getting ready for sail away and an early dinner.

Dinner was good, Susan had a Crawfish stew that she really liked and I had a pork loin that was excellent.