Enchanted Princess
Day 3 – Sea Day

Today was very nice, we managed to secure a cabana in the Sanctuary for the morning. Talk about being spoiled. Breakfast delivered with mimosas, fruit and snacks provided. 

A bottle of rose’

And even lunch was delivered

We liked it so much we managed to get a couple more afternoons reserved.

After lunch we strolled around a bit and ended up in the room to relax before formal night.

Our room is very nice, somewhat small but seems to have more then enough storage.

I have started bringing magnets for both utility and some fun.

Everything on the ship works based on our medallions, like key cards but somehow better. The medallions were shipped a couple weeks ago and as you can see they can be customized, Susan’s is her birthstone, mine is my zodiac. You simply walk up to your room and the door unlocks, the servers walkup to you and know your name, drinks at the bar are so very easy, no signing, no paper, everything touch-less rfid.

The companion app is another matter, it has trouble connecting to anything, does not know the correct date and time and is very poorly designed. Yet another first world problem, but they would have a homerun if the app worked.

The other issue is they don’t seem to have any fall back for people without smart phones All menus are QR codes and if you don’t have a phone you are out of luck. Seems like they have forgotten about a good chunk of their demographic.

Tonight is formal night, I actually brought a suit. Will be fun to dress up and enjoy the evening.