Enchanted Princess Day 5
– Dominica

Today we had our first excursion, a tour of the capital city Roseau and a trip up into the mountains to see the twin Trafalgar falls.

We woke up up to a beautiful rainbow that was also an omen of the wet day to come. Some of the pictures are through a wet window as we drove to the falls. We got on the tour and drove up to a view point. The picture below is NOT our vehicle.

Hurricane Maria made a mess of the island in 2017. There was a lot lost and they are still recovering. We had a drive through the Capital Roseau.

After a fun drive up the mountain, wondering if the van would make it at times and wondering if the road was wide enough at times we reached the falls. Turns out the weather was with us and we only got a bit wet.

After a 10-15 minute walk up and down a lot of steps and through a very lush and green forest to the falls we were treated to amazing views.

After we got back we were up in the Sanctuary again, getting to be a very nice habit.

We really enjoy the daily tea time

Sunset tonight

Tomorrow is Grenada