Enchanted Princess
Day 6 – Grenada

Today was a visit to an island we have long wanted to see. Grenada “The Spice Island” and it did not disappoint.

It was an early excursion and we had to be on the pier by 7:20, at least we got a nice sunrise

We then got into our mini bus for the day with Quinton guide and Foxy our red head driver. I would not want Foxy’s job, he managed to get that bus up hills, around hairpin corners, up hills that would make San Franciscans shy and squeezing by head on traffic at speed. He was an amazing driver.

We started by driving through the capital city of St. Georges, a very compact and busy city.

Next we went out to Anadale Falls.

Next was a long drive along the coast to the Spice Estate. We past Halifax Bay where pirates used to hide from the British navy. At the spice estate we saw Nutmeg, Mangos, Banana, Cocoa, Cloves, Soursop, French cashew (like a pear or an apple, not the nut) and a lot of mangos and other flowers. The blue bags around the bananas are to protect them from bugs, apparently bugs hate the color blue, who knew… Also, they put down nutmeg shells instead of gravel on paths.

Next we drove up the mountains to the rain forest, very dense and beautiful. The temperature must have dropped 10-15 degrees.

We ended up near the summit at Grand Etang Lake. The lake is in an extinct volcano crater. Guppies are native here. Supposed to be monkeys as well, but we did not see any.

Then back down the mountain to the required Caribbean fort view point. We must have been to most of them by now, but the view was nice. From here we could see the destroyed military base that was bombed by the Americans in 1983.

On the way back to the ship Quinton treated us to his rendition of “My Way” a fun and unexpected way to end the tour.

Back on the ship we headed up to the Sanctuary again to relax and head off to Bonaire.

Dinner tonight was in the Crown Grill, Susan had the lobster and I had sea bass, both very good.