Enchanted Princess
Day 8 – Curacao

Curacao is Great!

We did an excursion to an aloe farm and the Curacao distillery. Both were very good. Of course there was the required stop at a Carribean fort. When you are on a tour in Europe they say an ABC (Another Bloody Church) there are just so many. I am going to start saying ABF, Another bloody fort.

We also spent the afternoon wandering around Willemstad, a very nice old town. Also a world heritage site.


Aloe Farm

The Distillery, very old and the liquor is kosher


Had a very nice walk around town. There is a lot of art and these colorful dolls called Chichi’s.

The floating bridge here is super cool, built in the late 1800’s and still going strong. Found place to relax and have a bite and beer as well.


They have a word for lovely, nice, happy, good. Dushi. It is everywhere and kinda funny.

The required fort

Next is 2 sea days then home.