Day 3 – Puerto Plata

We went for a walk to the fort which was very nice, the people here are super nice, the walk to the fort perhaps not so nice, lots of rubble and trash. But we are glad we did it. Views from the fort are awesome.

The port area here is very nice and is being expanded even more.

Dinner was amazing, we went to the chefs table. Only 6 guests at the dinner total. Food, wine and company were all fantastic.

Day 1 – Boarding

After an uneventful trip down the Florida Turnpike we arrived at pier 29 in Port Everglades. Not a favorite pier because you have to shuttle off for parking, a first world problem.

After parking and taking the shuttle back We entered the terminal. Immediate checks for vaccination card, negative test and passports and then through security.

Check in was uneventful except the couple in from of us had done zero online check in so that caused a 10 minute delay. After check in we went straight onto the ship, boarded.

Luggage drop off at 11:15 then parking and shuttle and we were still on the ship at 12:04. Not too bad at all.

Up to our room 1575 Aqua class, where our keys were waiting. We dropped off our carry on and went down to finish the safety drill. 

The safety drill consisted of watching a couple videos after you get to the terminal, we did this while waiting on the slow couple. Then you have to go to your muster station where a crew member scans your badge and gives you a very brief drill and you are done. This is one good thing that has come from Covid.

Speaking of covid, masks are required indoors on the ship unless you are eating or drinking or in a pool. Has not been a problem and people have been good about following the rule.

The ship itself is spotless and less than half full A little over 1,100 people I hear, it is awesome.

Next was up to the sunset bar for a G&T and to start the real vacation.

We then had lunch at the Porch, a nice day for it and we were there all by ourselves. Already kinda strange having so few people on the ship. I had the very spicy lobster roll and Susan had the grilled Branzino which she declared as delicious.

Back to the room to unpack and get ready for a pre dinner cocktail or two and then dinner at Murano’s.

Pre dinner cocktails were at the World Class bar, very nice cocktails.

Dinner was amazing, Susan had the lamb and I had the lobster. A great first day

1 Day Until The Reflection

Looks like this is actually going to happen, we passed our covid test by being negative… I guess we failed and that was a good thing.

The Binax home test was super easy, took about 25 minutes each, with 15 the minutes just waiting for the results to show up.

We did our online health survey on the app. All good there

And great news is we were upgraded to Aqua Class via a move-up offer, we love the Blu restaurant. Can’t wait. Of course they sent us luggage tags for the other room, but I just printed new ones, we are good to go.

Tomorrow morning is the drive to Port Everglades!

Reflection 2022

We are booked on the Celebrity Reflection February 5th 2022 Eastern Caribbean & The Bahamas Cruise.

The Reflection was our first Celebrity cruise back in 2013 and we were hooked. We have more days on Celebrity than any other line.

This time we are doing a 7 day Eastern Caribbean, though we may not get off the ship.

Riviera 2021

December 3 to December 13 2021


So this year instead of a bunch of Christmas presents we decided to take my brother and go on a very nice cruise. We decided on this Riviera cruise as we expected it to be far enough away from covid and we would not have to fly.

We ended up booking 2 Concierge cabins on deck 10. 

As time got closer I watched the health and safety guidelines change over and over again I admit to getting a but nervous as to if we would even be going. 3 days before embarkation we went and did our PCR tests, came back negative the next day. It seems like it this cruise was actually going to happen.

We watched the safety video they had sent us, seemed easy enough.

Embarkation, Covid and Debarkation

The drive down to Miami on Friday morning was uneventful with the exception of a few circles around the port trying to figure out how to get to terminal J. Google maps was not the greatest help here.

Once arrived at J, luggage dropped off, tags attached by the porter and parked we then got in the queue for the required rapid test. 

The test, while slow and a bit hot, went well and after about 30 minutes we were cleared to check-in.

Through security and to the check in counter was super fast, then passports scanned, negative test verified, security photos taken and the filling out of the “I have been vaccinated” certification was all done quickly. Note they never actually asked to see our vaccination cards.

We then got our Key to the world cabin cards and straight onto the ship.

First thing was they directed us to our muster station and gave us a 2 minute safety briefing and checked us off the list. Done. Easiest muster ever.

Next stop was in the atrium to get the drink package upgraded, easy and it turned out to be a great decision.

Now we were free to enjoy the ship while we waited for our room to be ready. Of course we went to the Terrace Cafe for lunch.

As for covid protocols on the ship we did not have to wear masks though the crew was always masked. There were about a million hand sanitation stations around the ship and everything was cleaned all the time.

We each got a mask and a hand sanitizer in the rooms.

Some events were cancelled due to covid, like the cooking classes.

Overall covid did not have a large impact on the ship life, though some of the islands were strict, more about that in the destinations section.

As for disembarkation, we picked 8:00AM to leave which normally would be fine. We went to breakfast at 7:00. It was nice as usual. However when it came time to leave the port authority decided that all bags had to be off the ship before any passengers could debark. So we waited until about 8:45 and then they let us off. Grabbed our luggage, had passports checked and we were in the car by 8:50.

The Cabin

We had concierge cabins on deck 10 (10103 and 10105) 

We really liked the cabin, but I am not sure the concierge is worth the extra cost. The only amenities we used were a couple trips to the Aquamar spa deck and one free bag of laundry.

The Ship

The ship is beautiful, we loved the size and pretty much everything about it.

The Food

The food was the main reason we picked this trip and it did not disappoint, we enjoyed  everything we ate.

The Art

The art on the ship was a topic of discussion, while most of it is pretty abstract and simple, there were a lot of interesting/controversial  pieces. One couple we met called it straight out “crap”

The Islands

This cruise was not about the ports, we have done the Caribbean many times.

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